Mission Based Media Launches “Health UNMUTED PLUS” for Ad-Free, Early Access on Apple Podcasts

New Subscription Service Empowers Listeners to Support Audio-First Health Information

NEW YORK, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mission Based Media, a leading creator, producer and distributor of audio-first health education content, today announced the launch of Health UNMUTED PLUS, its listener-supported subscription service. This new service provides an enhanced experience for subscribers while ensuring free and open access to the entire Health UNMUTED audio library.

“Health UNMUTED PLUS” promotes a more direct and sustainable connection between our health shows and our audience.

The new Health UNMUTED PLUS subscription service provides an enhanced experience for subscribers while ensuring free and open access to the entire Health UNMUTED audio library.

Health UNMUTED PLUS, currently available exclusively on Apple Podcasts, offers audiences ad-free listening to a range of Health UNMUTED shows and early-access to new releases such as the upcoming “Acid Reflux and GERD” series. The company plans to add subscription services for other apps, including Spotify, Overcast, and Pocket Casts, in August.

The move underscores the company’s commitment to providing insightful health education content that is freely accessible.

“Our Health UNMUTED PLUS subscription service marks a significant step towards fostering a more direct and sustainable connection between our shows and our audience,” said Dan Kendall, CEO at Mission Based Media and Executive Producer of Health UNMUTED. “By adding subscription revenue, we aim to diversify our revenue streams, support the creation of high-quality health content, and amplify the voices and experiences of patients and caregivers.”

The launch of the listener-supported model follows the success of two Health UNMUTED series made possible with support from commercial and non-profit organizations. “Rethinking Alzheimer’s Disease” was created exclusively with support from Eisai Inc, and “Preventing Type 2 Diabetes” received initial funding from the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, a 501(c)(3). Fully-sponsored series are distributed to listeners without any ads even without a subscription.

“Sponsorship and advertising revenue from commercial, non-profit, and other organizations will continue to play an important role as we create authentic content about health topics and deepen understanding,” added Kendall.

Mission Based Media’s focus on audio-first health content comes as demand for high-quality audio continues to grow. Deloitte forecasts significant growth in audio entertainment consumption, with over 1.7 billion monthly podcast listeners worldwide in 2024. Health UNMUTED is poised to capitalize on this trend by expanding its library of compelling and engaging health-focused podcasts.

“We invite our listeners to join us on this journey and share their feedback on health topics they’d like us to cover,” added Kendall.

Apple users can subscribe on Apple Podcasts for a free 7-day trial. For more information about Health UNMUTED and to learn about upcoming productions, visit https://healthunmuted.com/support.

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Mission Based Media is an integrated digital media and health content development company specializing in podcasting services, including our platforms Health Podcast Network and Health UNMUTED. Our mission is to engage, educate and empower listeners with health information that is trustworthy, accurate, and objective. With insights from leading health experts and authentic stories from diverse patient and caregiver perspectives, we bring vital health conversations to life.  For more information, visit missionbasedmedia.com.

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