Mission Based Media Launches New Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast, the Latest Podcast Miniseries by Health Unmuted™

Mission Based Media is thrilled to announce a new addition to our Health Unmuted audio library, the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast. 

We created Health Unmuted to inform and empower people around the world about health conditions from Parkinson’s disease to Alzheimer’s disease and COPD. Each engaging, narrative-style miniseries series features the voices of people affected by the condition and medical experts. And the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast is no different! 

Over seven easily-digestible episodes, the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast answers common questions about type 2 diabetes, like: what is type 2 diabetes? Who is at risk for it? How can I prevent it? And is it true carbs are bad for you? 

It can be overwhelming to receive a diagnosis of a medical condition, and it’s not always clear what information you can trust online. We’re proud that each Health Unmuted series is not only fun to listen to, but full of up-to-date, medically-validated information and resources where you can learn more. 

For more details about the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast, visit the Health Unmuted website. Listen and follow our show on your favorite podcast player!

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