Mission Based Media Launches Parkinson’s Disease Podcast, the Newest Podcast Miniseries on Health Unmuted™

Mission Based Media Launches Parkinson’s Disease Podcast, the Newest Podcast Miniseries on Health UnmutedTM

LONDON, September 6 — A brand new, 7-part podcast miniseries about the lived experience of Parkinson’s disease is now available. The whole series can be found on all major podcast platforms.

The Parkinson’s Disease Podcast is a short-format, narrative miniseries that shares important insights and information for the millions of people affected by this condition.

It is part of the Health Unmuted audio library by Mission Based Media, and joins other titles including Alzheimer’s Disease Podcast and COPD Podcast. Each miniseries in Health Unmuted focuses on a specific health topic and features the voices of medical professionals, caregivers and, importantly, people living with the condition.

“Parkinson’s disease affects over 8 million people worldwide, and advances in diagnostics and treatments can have a tremendous impact on the course of the disease. Our mission is to help people have a deeper understanding about their health, and creating accessible, engaging content is a key part of fulfilling that mission,” said Dan Kendall, founder of Mission Based Media and executive producer of Health Unmuted.

The podcast is available for free for listeners and was made possible with support from Altoida, a leading platform to improve drug development, research, and care for patients with neurological diseases including Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s Disease Podcast 2022 edition – is available on Health Unmuted Audio Library

“Our team at Altoida is delighted to partner with Mission Based Media to make the Parkinson’s Disease Podcast a reality,” said Travis Bond, CEO at Altoida. “Our vision to unlock neurology diagnostics at scale and revolutionize brain health management aligns with the podcast’s goal of equipping listeners with the information and resources necessary to make informed health decisions. We are thrilled to collaborate with forward thinking partners to share the important stories behind neurological disease, and help pioneer innovative technologies in support.”

“Effective and accessible health education is critically important, particularly at the early stages of living with a chronic condition,” added Kendall. “Health Unmuted podcasts cover topics ranging from symptoms and diagnosis, through to lifestyle changes and treatment options. Each episode helps combat the misinformation that can lead to confusion, anxiety and poor outcomes.”

Find Health Unmuted podcasts on major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify, as well as HealthUnmuted.com. More than 50 other health conditions are planned for Health Unmuted including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer and gastrointestinal conditions. Healthcare providers and patient-focused organizations can learn about distribution opportunities by visiting https://partners.healthunmuted.com or emailing partners@healthunmuted.com

About Mission Based Media Ltd.

Mission Based Media is a leading provider of trustworthy podcasts about health, care and well-being, with a comprehensive library of podcasts across a broad scope of health topics, conditions and therapies. Our content features insights and information from top health professionals and organizations, and highlights engaging patient stories and perspectives. For more information, visit Health Podcast Network, Digital Health Today and Health Unmuted.

About Altoida, Inc.

Altoida is building the world’s leading platform to accelerate and improve drug development, research, and care for patients with neurological diseases. The company’s innovative AI-driven approach leverages immersive augmented reality (AR) to evaluate the brain in a comprehensive, real-world mode of functioning using data captured with a standard smartphone or tablet. Altoida’s validated and evidence-based digital biomarker platform received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and is supported by more than 20 years of scientific research and publications in journals like Nature Digital Medicine. Altoida is based in Washington, DC. For more information, visit www.altoida.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter at @altoida.

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